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Ghosts busted: Beyond the Fear

Testimony throughout recorded history proves beyond a reasonable doubt that ghosts, or energy giving us the impression of ghosts, do indeed exist. People of impeccable reputations, with no reason to lie, have sworn to paranormal encounters.

For whatever reason – perhaps fear, perhaps superstition – many people refuse to even consider the possibility of ghosts. In fact, they will go on the attack against those who do share their experiences.

Veteran award-winning daily newspaper editor Don Allison used to be among those devout skeptics, even going so far as to doubt his own grandmother’s claims of experiences in a haunted house. But after encountering the unexplained many times, he reluctantly concluded he indeed had experienced the paranormal. Eventually, after what he described as a mind-blowing paranormal encounter at Gettysburg, Pa., he could contain his curiosity no longer. He decided to write about his experiences, and to go a step further – to share the science behind what he had encountered.

The result is the latest volume from Faded Banner Publications, “I Met a Ghost at Gettysburg: A Journalist’s Journey into the Paranormal.”

Allison said fear of people’s reactions to a book on this topic made him think long and hard before tackling this project.  “Once I decided to proceed with this book,” he explains, “I realized I could hold nothing back. I am treating the paranormal as I would any other topic. I am sharing my own experiences and what I have learned from research. I am passing on what other people have told me about the subject and in some cases their own perceptions of what I have experienced.”

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“I Met More Ghosts at Gettysburg: A Journalist’s Paranormal Journey Continues”

ISBN 978-0-9659201-5-5;   133 pages;  Illustrated; Available at

About the Author

Don Allison


Don Allison is a lifelong resident of Williams County, Ohio, where the historic home he shares with his wife, Diane, is located. A 1976 graduate of Stryker High School, he earned a bachelor of arts degree in journalism from the University of Toledo in 1980.

    As a high school student in the early 1970’s Don got his start in journalism as a sports writer and photographer with the weekly Advance Reporter newspaper, now known as the Village Reporter. He joined The Bryan Times as county editor in 1981, where he later served as editor and currently is senior editor. He has received numerous Associated Press and United Press International awards for his news, feature and column writing.

    Drawing on knowledge gained from a lifetime of studying the Civil War, Don has written extensively about that conflict. He and Diane are the founders of Faded Banner Publications, which publishes books on the Civil War and Northwest Ohio history.

    Don’s previous books include “Hell on Belle Isle: Diary of a Civil War POW” and “The Best of On My Mind: The Bryan Times Newspaper Columns of Don Allison.” Each is available for $15.95 plus $2.50 shipping and handling from Faded Banner Publications, PO Box 101, Bryan, OH 43506. In addition, copies may be ordered online at

A Journalist's Paranormal Journey Continues

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